Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cars, Lane Changes...and Grace

 Today, while driving home from my second trip to the store because they forgot to put some of my purchases in my bag, a man in the car next to me, found out his lane was ending and decided that he had the right of way to my lane. I remember thinking “Dude. Do you even see me here???” (Yes, at my age I sometimes still say “Dude”)

I gave a friendly toot of the horn. Just a tap, mind you. He then proceeds to yell at me from his rolled-down window. So I’m all like what?!? Are YOU yelling at ME? And he’s all like, “can’t you see I’m trying to get over in your lane? Move!” Ok, I don’t know if that’s actually what he said, because I didn’t roll my window down, I’m just going with that story. And, I didn’t actually say that to him either because my southern mama raised me better. But I was miffed at him all the same. So I did what any good southern girl would do. I stared him down. I felt vindicated.

If he would have just waved an “I’m sorry”, or even “thank you for letting me cut you off and get in front of you” I would have totally forgiven him and waved him in with a smile. But he didn’t and that just ruffled my feathers.

I get home and tweeted about it. I know. That’s sad. I wanted someone to know, but more so I wanted them to say “you’re so right”.

But then (yeah, the dreaded “then”!) I was reminded of Romans 5:8

"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

I didn’t have to care first. Christ died for me before I was even aware I needed Him. Before I was even sorry for my sins. It’s called “grace”. I then determined that if Christ would extend such grace to me, I could at least extend grace in such a trivial incident as that.

So, after asking forgiveness for my “ugly attitude” (another southern sayin’) I rejoiced over what Christ did for me!

PS I sure hope that guy doesn’t remember my car!

Have a nice day and y'all,  Be Sweet!


  1. With driving a school bus - I see all kinds of "bad" drivers. I often wonder if the town couldn't pass a by-law that states "no cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians etc on the roads from 8am - 9am and 3pm - 4pm"
    That would make my life WAY easier!

  2. There are lots of people I hope don't remember my car. Inconsiderate drivers are tough for me. I wonder if I showed grace rather than anger if they might be taken aback & more thoughtful next time? I don't want to even think about how my children would be changed if they just WATCHED me show grace instead of anger each. Great post. Much needed reminder even if I feel like my gut has been punched.

  3. you are a better woman than i lol! when you stop to think of what could have happened. you saved him a big headache of an increase in his insurance (had he hit your car), poss injury to you both, the waiting game of having your car in the shop, and on his part a big lecture from his wife (if he is married). you did the right thing :) God's grace is right. have a great weekend.

  4. I have definitely had an "ugly attitude" when driving...PLENTY of times. I have tried remembering Who I represent when I'm tempted to let road rage take over...that helps greatly. I remember once when my son was about 3 we were heading down the interstate to my mom's house. A guy suddenly comes up behind me and sits on my bumper. I tap my brakes (like my Momma taught me to) to send him the not-so-subtle message to get off my rear. He zooms around me, coming way too close. Instead of going all "righteous indignation" on him, I started blessing him in the name of Jesus...literally! I prayed that wherever he was going he would get there safely, yada yada yada, and he thought I was "blessing him out". HA! He flipped me off. :D

    Nowadays, I have a vanity plate with my nickname on it...helps me remember much better to act right! : )


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