Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relevant-11 Blog Bash AND a Business Card Swap

The Relevant Conference 2011
The Christian blogger Event of the year...and I'm not there!

Last year during Relevant I just knew that I'd be there this year.  Uh, um... I'm not.  I want to say that next, year, definitely, I will be there but I temper that with... "I sure hope I can be there next year".  

I am, however following the hastag #Relevant11 on twitter and following all the "goings ons"  and  Women Living Well is having their own Blog Bash so I'll be hopping there too.   They are even going to do streaming of keynote speakers and will update it.  Be sure to go there too and check out some of the bloggers that are participating in the Blog Bash.  (I intend to link up under the food/recipes category myself!)  
(Click above to go there)
And that's not all...
Since I'm seeing tweets about all the great business card exchanges going on and those of us who are not there don't get to exchange ours and get their great cards, I'm hosting a link-up for all!  
Whether you're at Relevant or at home.  Here's our chance to connect with other bloggers.  All you have to do is either scan, or take a pic of your business card, either tweet it, or post it on your blog, link up below so we can come visit and get your card!    How fun is that?!?

I'll start....

ok,  your turn....

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  1. such a super fun idea! I'll have to remember to do this & drop back by. Hey, those Halloween cupcakes a few posts back look yummy!


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