Thursday, April 8, 2010

GUEST POST It's So Very Cheri!

Hey all my sweet bloggy friends!  I have a surprise for you!  Today I have a "Guest Post" and it's Cheri from Its' So Very Cheri!   I've admired Cheri for quite some time now, and her blog is great.  She always has something going on!  You should go over and check out her blog...after you read today's post of course.  LOL!   Cheri is the kind of blogger you hope to meet.  She's been very helpful with some little "quirks" I've encountered understanding this whole bloggy world and the mechanics thereof...and she's a very crafty DIY'er too boot!  A real kindred spirit!  I asked Cheri to guest blog because I just know you'll love her too!  So, without further delay - heeeeere's Cheri!

Hello all you SWEET Jeanette gals. I am so honored to be here today. I just adore Jeanette.
She asked me to come be a guest blogger a couple of months ago and I was in the middle of moving my blog from my old blogspot account to my own website. I got my blog moved and am somewhat settled in and so we scheduled it in and here I am.
I have meet the neatest ladies and have the best followers in the world.
I will introduce myself so you don't feel like an alien has invaded your favorite blog. My name is Cheri and you can find me hanging out at Its So Very Cheri. I have a busy Schedule over there but it is always lots of fun.
I have lots of companies contact me for fun give-a-ways.
In addition to my busy blog schedule,
I am married to Prince Charming, who is also in school
I have four kiddos

I home school the oldest 2, next year will be the oldest 3.

God has abundantly blessed us with 3 boys
and one sweet "make up lovin girl"

I have been asked to be a contributing writer on a mommy blog--I am doing a continuing story of our fertility journey.
We are from the Mid West but live in Florida right now so we see lots of this
and this

this house on the beach is so big I can not even get the whole thing in one picture.

It has a 4 car garage for the main house and the guest house has a 3 car garage.

Can you believe that you still haven't seen the whole house?

I am a DIY gal
I created my own header:

and this too

I am actually selling these for $55.00
But now that you know a little about me I will show you a quick and easy way to make your own affordable canvas art work.

I cut a piece of material and painted over it with some of this:
Once it was dry I sketched out a star fish
I painted several layers of different colors.
I used Khaki, dark chocolate brown, even some robin egg blue, a taupey gray and an off white
then I went over it with some crackling product
and a final white wash layer
then I rubbed and rubbed
and even went over it with some sand paper.
Now I can't decide if I want to add some jute rope as a 'hanger or attach it around a form to create a canvas art piece or attach it to a piece of wood and trim it out.
G2 (On my blog--I call my kids G1, G2, G3 and G4 or we call them the G-Force
because all 4 have names that begin with a G) wants the starfish art work for his room.
Here are a few other projects I have done:
Mr Rooster started out solid cream

These finials went from this:

this is the in between stage
to these:

One of these went from this:
to this:
I also made our own chess table
and all the chess pieces
I hope you have enjoyed having me--thank you so much Jeanette.
Come on over and check out what I am up to and I hope you will follow along on my "THERE'S NEVER A DULL MOMENT" journey.

Thank you Cheri!  Wow!  That chess set is something!!!    Oh!  I need to tell you all.  Cheri has recently taken her blog from blogspot to her own place.  If you followed her before and it's been a while since y ou've visited her,  follow her link in this post because you'll be going to an empty house! LOL  You definitely want to go to the right place, right?


  1. WOW! Cheri you're a very creative lady! Love the chess board!

  2. Wow! You have made a lot of fantastic things! And that house! Wow! Just wow!!!


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