Friday, April 2, 2010

No Freezer Foods Friday today

Did you come looking for Freezer Foods Friday and get disappointed?

Here's the whole story.  You see, my birthday is in March and like a good citizen, I ordered my driver's tag .  But I procrastinated...and procrastinated...and.. well, you know the drill.  So long, in fact, that before I knew it, April was here and guess what?!  I couldn't find it!  I had been riding around with it in my car, but had taken it out, and then put it back (Sad, right?) Not ever thinking about it until yesterday a policeman did a U-turn and came up right behind me and then it dawned on me:  Uh-oh! I still have March 2010's tag sticker on the license plate!  Fortunately for me, he was doing a u-turn to go on a call past me!  Whew! 
Ok, that was my wake-up call, but I couldn't find it!   Today was going to be my day to go shopping, run all kinds of errands but not wanting to risk a ticket I stayed home and ALL DAY tore this house upside down trying to find it.  And my car has never been so clean, including the trunk!   I called hubby at work, got his voice mail and all I said was "I have no idea where my tag is!",  then called his cell phone.   I think I should let you know right here that I don't call him at every little snag I hit, but this (in my book) was a biggie!

Ok, long story short, or at least somewhat shorter, he gives me the worst case scenario- we just order a replacement for about 5-bucks.  Ok, but I can't go shopping t-o-d-a-y!  LOL    I fret over this tag all day.  Mr. Wonderful comes home, kisses me hello, and then goes out to my car.  NOT EVEN FIVE MINUTES later comes inside holding the tag, receipt and all!   He said it was UNDER my passenger's seat.  I looked under every nook and cranny but I guess that's the place I missed.   Now, why would he think to look there?!  I'm glad he did.  He's my hero, ya know!

I'm not even going to go into how I couldn't charge my cell phone (with one cell left) in the cigarette lighter in the car because there was a penny (don't ask!) inside and I pushed and pushed the do-hickey in there and blew the fuse... Once again, my Mr. Wonderful took care of that for me too.   Oh, that's right, I said I wasn't going to go into that, didn't I?

Well, that's my day.  Much effort spent into just spinning my wheels in place only to have my Mr. Wonderful come rescue me.  So, my dear friends, that is why there was no freezer posting today.  Will you, Could you possibly forgive me?  

Do you have things like that happen?  Do tell!  Please make me feel better, or am I the only dork ???


  1. You are sooo not a dork! I lost an entire jug of juice in my car once. No joke. It was a 96ounce jug! It had somehow crammed itself under the center console of the car. No clue how it got there and it was a couple of weeks before I found it. This is why you are not a dork. BTW, can you send your hubby here to find my keys.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your post made me laugh! I'm always doing dumb things like that and losing stuff, haha! I call those my "doh!" moments!

  3. There is no bigger dork then myself i don't think. I don't know who loses things the most, me or my hubby! Like i lose my car keys & look everywhere for them with no luck, then i remember my hubby used them to open the door for us when we came home from somewhere so i ask him what'd ya do with my keys? (of course it caught him off guard) & so he says you can't find your keys? Well, i just know he hid them somewhere cause i have looked everywhere so i go & look one...more...time in my purse & there they are in the bottom of it where i just overlooked the first time. (he had handed them back to me & i had dropped them in the purse instead of putting them in the side pocket where they are suppose to be! But the funny thing is when i ask him "wheres my keys?" he didn't remember giving them back to me either! LOL! We call things like that "our senior moments!" Always something to brighten our day! LOL1


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