Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's ~~~~~~ drum roll ~~~~Freezer Foods Friday!

I'm trying out Mr. McLinky and hopefully this will allow everyone to join in and submit any "freezer friendly" recipes. Wouldn't that be fun? (Besides that, it's giving me good practice for the Christmas Goodies Recipe Exchange coming upon the 15th of December linky event! )

And while I'm at it, what do you think about my Freezer Foods Friday button? Isn't it absolutely adorable? She's a perfect match to the whole blog feel, isn't she? Well, kudos goes to Mary of Blog Rock once again! She's the mastermind who did my blog makeover! Wasn't she just the best to do that for me? I love it. If you're considering a face-lift for your blog, I highly recommend her! No, this is not an info-mercial, but when I find a great deal, I like to blab it everywhere! She goes way above and beyond for you!
Her button is on my left sidebar.

Now a few instructions: Got a blog entry with a "make ahead" recipe or idea? Link up to that blog post. Now, it doesn't have to be a FREEZER meal, per se...maybe a seasoning mix, or something you do "in bulk" that would be considered a rescue for make ahead meals. And be sure to take my button for the Freezer Foods Friday and put on your blog so everybody can come here and be able to see other blogger's entries. (There's one a few buttons down on the right sidebar all decked out with a code!)

Here's my contribution (in honor of the holidays):

20 Pie Crusts for the Freezer

3 lb can Crisco vegetable shortening

5 lbs. flour

3 cups ice water

2 Tablespoons salt

Mix in a very large bowl or pan. Mix flour, salt and Crisco together with hands. Add ice water slowly and mix all together until bended. Make into 18-20 patties. Wrap individually in plastic wrap and freeze in a large 2 gallon ziploc bag. When you want to make a pie crust, defrost desired number of crust "patties" on the counter 30 minutes or so, or in the fridge overnight. Roll between two sheets of waxed paper. These will keep for at least 1 year in the freezer!

There is something about freezing this dough that makes it so easy to roll out. Rolling them between sheets of waxed paper makes it so much easier!

These can be used not only for dessert pies, but quiches, pot pies, beef pasties, etc.

Your turn....


  1. Love the look and feel to your website. I've just become a follower. Looking forward to the recipe exchange on the 15th.

  2. @Cheap Chic Home. Hi Jeanette. I want to let you know I included your giveaway on my post today.

  3. @Cheap Chic Home. The deli is Wrights Gourmet. (I had to double check...) It's on Dale Mabry, south of Kennedy.

  4. I found your blog through Kim @ Cheap Chic Home. Love your page, it's so cute. Will become a follower.
    From one Florida gal to another Have a Blessed Weekend!

  5. Your blog is so cute! I'd love some great freezable recipes! I've got to search my brain... I'm sure I've got a recipe in my archive.

  6. I definitely like the look of your site! I didn't see it before the makeover but I love what I see now :) I love the thought of freezing pie crusts, too. I don't know what it is about making pie crust but somehow I feel like it's such an arduous task (though I know it really isn't). The thought of making pie crust is usually what keeps me from making a pie in the first place. I know, LAME!! Maybe if I make it all at once, though, and freeze it, I won't have any excuses ;)

  7. My kids are grown and gone, and we go to visit them on holidays. I wouldn't have room in the freezer, or a need for all those pie crusts--but where were you 30 years ago when the kids were young and half the neighborhood thought my house was "home"? I could have used that recipe then! But of course I didn't have a computer than and you probably weren't even born. lol

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

  8. oh sweet Eva - yes, I was born back then, though not grown up, well on my way! LOL

  9. love that pie crust idea...will try and let you know how I do!!


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