Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ok, show-n-tell time again. I pulled out this rag Santa collar that I have from "Christmas past" and thought I'd share a little how-to explanation. Somewhere tucked away (perhaps too well, because I can't find it!) is an apron done with the Santa face on front like this collar - so you can just let your imagination run wild.

The front and back are shaped the same...a triangle. You can make this as large or small as you wish depending on the size of the wearer. (adult, child, larger body, etc.) Use a plate or something to give you a ever-so-subtle curve for the neck. You want it to lay on the back nicely and not choke you in the front! I lined both front and back, but that's up to you. You could sew a hem around all edges instead.

Tear fabric strips (muslin) about 1 1/2 inch wide to 1 3/4 inches. Throw them in the wash and dry them to make 'em look "worn" - you can either do this before ripping the fabric strips or after but you'll get a better "worn" look if you do it after because it helps it to fray more. Now, you can either sew the strips on or hot glue. I hot glued because it's a collar and doesn't get that dirty. I think I sewed the apron one though. The choice is yours. Glue two flat pieces for each eyebrow. Paint on the eyes and use blush for the cheeks. I had a button plug for the nose but it came off. It's not necessary to give him a nose though. Knot 2-3 strips together in the middle and then hot glue (or sew) down at a time. Knotting several together gives you a good "bunched" or full look to the beard...and mustache, plus the knot is a good solid base to glue on. Just keep adding strips until you're satisfied with the look. Personally, I think I could add some more strips to mine...

Below are pics of the inside. See the white strip at the top of one open end? That's velcro (hook and loop tape) to connect it so you don't muss your festive hair up.
Did you notice the jingle bell I sewed on the tip of the back? Nice touch, don't you think?
And as an accent (and to cover up the velcro on the front) loop green, or what evern complimentary color you choose) back and forth, back and forth to make a shabby flowerette and hot glue (or sew) in place at the front open end of the collar and glue a button in the center. I chose green fabric and a red button but it's not very clear in the photo.
Enjoy - and if you make these, link me up and show me too! Have fun!!!

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