Saturday, May 1, 2010

Artscow - the best photo book company I know!

Do you do scrapbooking? Take pictures???

I do, and when I first started doing digital scrapbooking I'd print them out and put them in sheet protectors and into a notebook. And that was fine, but it looked...well, "lack luster" and not-professional.

I've checked out all the obvious ones, Snapfish, Picaboo, and even Walgreens (did you know they do photo books too???) and they were waaay too expensive for me. Then I read about Artscow. Do you know about them? I've used them for every photo book I own!

I'm working on getting all the Ornament Exchange Party pictures into books (I've only done one so far - up until mid 2000's I wasn't taking pictures!)

You can even add journaling to the pages...

They have templates, backgrounds, patterns, etc. that you can use of theirs, or if you're a digi-scrapper, like me, then you can make your own pages and load them, as you would a picture.

You can even make one picture the whole page, like I did here...

guess where we were here!

(I love this cover!)
This is one I did for my husband of old family photos. I got my hands on some old family photos that he didn't even know existed. (He loves this book)

Check this out! They even will put a pic on the BACK of the book! (I love that!)

and you can even put titles on the spine! I know! Cool, right?!?

Now, I'm showing you all of this, because I want you to go there and sign up. (It's free to sign up.) And yes, I get something if you do. I get points to use towards their other cool stuff! But, really, I'd share it with you even if they didn't give away cool stuff...ALL THE TIME... because I've found that Artscow is the best bang for my buck and just want everyone to be able to get a good deal. When you sign up, would you please use this code? It let's them know I sent you...

Wanna hear some really cool news??? When you DO sign up, you automatically get 400 free prints credits AND, are you ready? You get a free book yourself!

And the free stuff doesn't end there! All through the year, they have free stuff. Several times this past year I got notice of like, 5 free photo books, tote bags, dog tags... well, you just go there and see for yourself there are tons of stuff to be had. I really, really like Artscow and I think you will too if you're in to this kind of thing!

Remember, the code!

Oh! I do need to tell you... Artscow is located in China. So if you're wanting your book "next day"... don't count on it. But they are great in getting it to ya. Once I ordered a book, and it was during the Chinese New Year. The whole country shuts down then! BUT they kept in contact with me and explained everything, and made sure I was kept posted on the progress.


  1. Oh, Yeahyeahyeah!
    I know these guys! I ordered Christmas ornaments from them one year and they were a total hit!
    My son just took a trip to the East coast with his 8th grade class and I was looking for something like this- Thank you so much Jeanette!

  2. wow! those are great;) i've been wanting to digital scrapbook but i am SO traditional with scrapbooking! i can't give up my cutters, adhesives and supplies! what a deal tho, may have to check that out! thx for sharing:) ♥

  3. Those are so amazing. I haven't scrapbooked in a very long time.

  4. I am SOOO glad I found this on Tip Junkie's community!!! I was about to sign up last night. Now I can do it with your id. Woohoo! Thanks for the reminder to do that today too.


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