Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Monday

Ok, "Clean Sheet Monday"  is still on Monday so don't worry, the bed is made and sheets are clean, but I've been seeing a lot of blogs posting their "Menu Plan Monday", (and all sorts of variations of the title) and I thought "hey! I do that!" so I thought I'd share with my friends too. 

Honestly, I do my menu more like on the weekends or just before so I'm prepared for the weekend sales (ah-hmmm...Albertsons three-day sales when they're good). 

I  must warn you, it ain't pretty!  This is my "work sheet", and I found it on the internet, but I can't remember where.  I've had it for quite a while now and usually keep copies in my Household Notebook, that I keep my cleaning schedules, "to-do" lists, menu plans, calendar pages, and other "planning" things.

The reason I like this one is for the lines to the side of the actual menu for a shopping list.   I may "doctor it up" (i.e., make a pretty one) to share future plans if anybody is interested in peeking in to the Henderson household to see what we're going to be eating.  Maybe to place your reservations for dinner???  LOL
I do like to see other people's menus though.  It gives me ideas/inspiration for mine!  

Notice it's not a 14 day plan?  Invariably we have left overs so some of the items get moved to another week or frozen for freezer meals later. 

Hey! what about this for a "pretty-fied" list?  LOL

Oh!  and a tip:  Don't throw your menu plans away.  There will come a day when you lack the "inspiration" or the energy to come up with some ideas for meals - just refer back to those plans!

Note:  For more inspiration you might want to check out this site: Organizing Junkie 


  1. Ha! I have worksheet similar to that and I am crazy about it. If I don;t check out each thing on there I can;t go to bed! Thanks for stopping by today.I am following you now!

  2. I have a mental menu plan, does that count? Of course if I put it up on a wall somewhere maybe everyone would stop asking me what's for dinner. Haha!

  3. i used to plan meals from my grocery items. but sometimes i fail to follow, because sometimes youre just not in the mood for a certain dish.... But a menu plan is still helpful.... Dropping by from SITS!


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