Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make your own Fruit Flavored Waters

Ok, I'll admit it.  I'm behind the curve on this one.  Oh sure, I've been drinking "water with lemon" for years. But my mind was totally blown when I saw (sensory overload) all the different fruit water options!   I found some strawberries and kiwis at Aldi's for ultra-cheap.   The strawberries were from Wish Farms, and honestly they tasted like someone had injected pure sugar into them!  I couldn't resist snacking on some as I'm cutting them for my water. (I like it that Wish Farms is a local USA company too!)

My drink of choice was strawberry and kiwi.  But think about the options....
Pineapple/peach, mango 
Orange slices
You could go absolutely wild!!!
Oh!  and at the health food store, I found a chocolate flavored stevia.  Mix that with a spearmint and woozers!  Chocolate mint water!  Yummm.... 

First I just put the fruit into a glass with water.  Since I liked it so much, I wanted it at the ready in the frige for the rest of the week so in comes...

This is perfect for my fruit.  There's a "tube" that screws into the lid. I just poured in my water filled the tube with my cut up fruit, screwed it back on the lid  and I was good to go.  

You can get one at here which I'm excited about, because that one is cheaper than I paid for mine!  If you want a really full flavor, do your water a day before.  The flavors are out of this world!  That's what I did and it made such a difference in the "flavor level".  
Do you do your own flavored waters?  I'd love to hear what you do.  Please leave me a comment and share with us all. 


  1. Now this sounds wonderful. I am going to get some strawberries and kiwis tomorrow :)

    1. Tammy - I'm sure you will love it. I think (so far) that is my favorite!

  2. I love that little screw on thing! I want to get one of those as soon as I can because strangely I love orange water, but not orange juice! : )

    1. Kelli It is really neat. I just made a fresh batch tonight (the one pitcher I made for the pictures was so good, we finished it off today!) I know what you mean about the orange water... I'm the same way! OJ is just too strong for me. :-)

  3. I have that same exact pitcher and my favorite is the raspberry/lime mixture. SO GOOD! I don't sweeten mine at all, although I thought I'd want to. It just tastes so refreshing "as is". Enjoy!

  4. The amazon link isn't working?

    1. Charlotte, I'm so sorry. Don't know why it disappeared... I just re-linked it. See if it works now. (aggravating isn't it? LOL)

  5. That is so awesome!! I might have to get one. There are all kinds of possibilities, aren't there? I did a raspberry spritzer by making raspberry syrup first and then putting about 1/4 cup in seltzer water. I put in some ice and some whole raspberries, too. But this container thing is easier and then you can use plain water also. I'd love to have you share this at my party, too. You left a comment on my blog about 3 years ago and I was just perusing the comments and the people and thought I'd drop over and see what you were up to. You are up to a LOT!Best wishes to you and your blog. Linda Two Succulent Sisters

    1. Oh, Linda! That raspberry spritzer sounds amazing! (Making my mouth water now). Thank you for paying a visit!


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