Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salad in a Wrap

I recently had lunch at this really cool place called The Corner Store in Plant City (FL) and they made a veggie wrap that was...well, nothing short of awesome!  I got it with a stuffed grape leaf inside.  It's all I could think about since then!  In  a moment of desperation, I tried to duplicate it.  Now, honestly, mine is nothing like theirs (I'm planning another visit there soon for lunch again!) but it was good.  No, make that awesome in it's own way.   So good, in fact, that I'm looking forward to making this for my lunch again.
Do you do that too?

See that vinaigrette dressing in the background?  My niece and I went to Aldi's yesterday morning and she introduced that to me.  It was wonderful!  I used it in the wrap.

Ok, here's how I "built" my version of the veggie wrap:

Start with some good bread, I couldn't find a decent Pita style wrap bread, but lucked out when I spied this Italian Flat Out bread! 

  It's great, only 90 calories, and doesn't taste like paper towels!

Spread some hummus  on the bread, starting in the middle and leave the edges free

I added some green onion (totally optional)
(I totally love Sabra brand hummus!)
I cheated and bought a "bag-o-salad", premium mix and plopped a good sized handful on top in the center.
Hmmm.... Maybe I should've called this "Salad in a Wrap"?  
Poured a little of that dressing I told you about from Aldi's on top, and then added some feta cheese.  
Now sit yourself down and enjoy!

I'm looking for new ideas for healthier eating.  Got any suggestions?  You can leave a link to a blog post in your comments too and I'll be sure to check it out.  

Be Sweet


  1. Yes, we need to eat healthier too :) We recently got a chicken ranch wrap at a restaurant in OK. Good thing it is 3 hours away otherwise, like you, I might be planning a trip to go back. For a little change of pace, you might think about adding some grilled chicken to your wrap as well ?


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