Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craft - Magnolia Angel

Oh I found another "blast from the past craft" pic. This is so easy and isn't she cute?

It's made from a magnolia. Long (substantial) stem that I bent around to make a circle base, and wrapped with gold lame' ribbon. I chose two of the outer, and larger petals for wings, and bent the others to make a dress, and two to fold in for the "arms". Which I made a song book from another piece of ribbon. This one had wire edges to make it stiff enough to fold like a song book.
I don't think it's very visible, but there's a length of clear beads, or you could use those string pearls and shape into a halo for her. I'm sure you could've figured it out on your own, and my little instructions probably will have you scratching your head. LOL. But she is so incredibly easy to make.


  1. That is SSSOOO cute :) ... I can see all our teachers getting one this year! Is the head the center of the flower?

  2. Stopping to say hi from SITS! Your blog looks awesome!

  3. Effie - yes, the "head" is the center of the flower. They're really easy to make. AND if you want to make her an ornament, just snip off the stem and do a hanging string. Those were made too! LOL

  4. I love your blog!!! soooo cute and I am kinda crafty myself but don't get into it that much on my blog lol. Yours is much more fun :) I love this magnolia activity!! Are you using a real one there? My mother in law would LOVE this and it would make a really inexpensive Christmas gift for her this year. I'm going to have to see if I can duplicate it. Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Oh your blog is so adorable! Love the sweet angel too.
    I have a collection of them on an antique cabinet in my family room. I love them!
    This looks fun to make.
    I came over from SITS.
    Nice finding ya!

  6. Very cute Angel. this would be a great craft with my kids. Fun blog really colorful.


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