Monday, October 12, 2009

Re-Use Craft Project

This was a yard sale find... one of those cheapy aluminum molds. Remember those? How about turning it into a candy dish, chip dish, snack mix dish, popcorn name it dish! The hole in the middle is perfect p latform to place a bowl of dip on top of. I like the candy dish idea best, because it just looks neat! LOL. Spray paint a base of antique white, or almond color. (I spray paint because I always seem to get brush strokes on this type of pan and the spray paint is a nice even coating that sticks well). Then paint whatever you want on it. You can make it seasonal, or just generic vines. You don't have to be an artist, just trace it onto the piece from a coloring book, clip art, whatever you like, and color it, coloring book style! (giggle) and Viola! you have a repurposed, up-cycled project! So easy, right? Now take a look. From this.......

to this....

and while we're at it, how about some fabric pumpkins?

Can you guess what the "stem" is made out of? LOL, it is a roofing nail!!!

These were some nails I had left over from my handmade insert for my Christmas cards last year, with the story of the "Christmas nail". Have you all seen those, or would ya like me to post those? It's another really quick/easy project!!! Ok, back to the pumpkins. If you're familiar with how to make yo-yo's, this is a cinch for you! I traced several different sizes, (using a plate, bowl, etc. Anything round). Usually, with yo-yo's you finger press a "hem" and then run a gathering stitch around the edge. You don't have to bother with a finger pressed hem because it won't be seen. Stuff with fiberfill. Run thread from the center, up through to the other side center 1/4 turn, do it again, 1/4 get the idea. (You're making the tucks here). Poke the nail into the center and hot glue it really good and then just tie a ripped piece of green homespun fabric around the nail. Tah-Dah! you're done. I've never written a tutorial, but these are pretty much self explanatory because they're so easy, BUT if I've confused you, please ask! I'd be thrilled to explain further. I believe information is meant to be shared!


  1. Love what you did with the container!! That is so cool!! I'd better go check out the local thrift store and see what I can find!
    I do have the banners I'm giving away listed in my etsy shop. I made 3 sets in case someone would like to buy one LOL
    Here's the link:

  2. Thank you, Jeannette,for the recipe! I'll definitely try this one out, sounds delish. Hope you'll join the recipe party too.

  3. Jeanette, how do I copy the blog of gold award? Thx.

  4. I love those adorable pumpkins! Thanks for sharing the how-to!

  5. That's such a great idea~! I would never have thought of that, and my mom has a ton of those things lying around the house that she never uses. I can't wait to try and create one.


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