Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winner of the Food Challenge Announced!

I'm late posting the winner of the Food Challenge. Tara submitted multiple recipes. Check out all of the recipes submitted to the "Comfort Foods" food challenge! I had taken pictures before giving it to Tara, but mine were lousy. Tara is a professional photographer so I asked her to take them of herself and the prize - so these are great pics now! LOL.

Here's Tara modeling the double-sided apron. I was so worried it was too short. Tara is such a cutie pie, who is petite. She immediately put it on and showed me! As she put it on her facebook page she has never had anything that was too short (or something like that! LOL). Also pictured (that blue thing) is a cotton re-usable grocery tote, Semi-Homemade's new Christmas magazine, and some kitchen tools in MY fave color---- HOT PINK!!! lol

Just a heads up here... The next food challenge will be in November and this one is "Christmas Goodies". Doesn't matter what, cookies, candies, desserts, drinks, meats.... you name it! There will be more than one winner!!! So start looking through your recipes!


  1. lucky winner, that apron is adorable!

  2. I'm in for the Christmas goodies challenge unless I'm competing against your Butterfinger Cookies. If I have to go up against those little morsels of perfection, I don't have a chance!!

  3. Thanks Mary! It was cut on the bias so it would be like a "retro" circle skirt, a.k.a. the poodle skirt throwback! LOL

    Don't worry Desiree - I can't win! LOL


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