Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two New Tote Bags I made

So here's what I've done with the oilcloth I bought. After doing these two bags I've learned something... I don't like working with oilcloth! I read somewhere on the internet that it would be helpful to use tear-away stabilizer on the "slippery side" when sewing oilcloth... Ha! I laugh at that, I don't need no stinkin' stabilizer - I'm the fabric whisperer! Yeah, right. I should've listened to "those that know". It was a pain in the, uh, neck!

I will say one thing- it's tough material! I have that tote (above) packed with fabric which is heavy!)

This one I think I might put away and save for a giveaway, or part of the "prize" for the Food Challenge recipe contest for November. I'm still thinking... and of course I lined it with my fave color ... Hot Pink! LOL It's a shopper/grocery bag style with long handles to use shoulder style.


  1. do you sell your bags, I love this fabric!

  2. The bags look great!! I have to make one today for a swap I'm in. Still trying to figure out a pattern.

  3. These are great. Have you ever thought of making smaller bags that could be used as lunch bags? I have one at home that I bought in Vermont and I love it. I've never been able to find another one though.

  4. These are cute, Jeanette. Jillian wants me to make a tote out of a tank top that doesn't fit well--which looks like one of those you show. Anyway, just stopping by to say "hi" I was immediately after you (by minutes) on the SITS day blog :).

  5. Wow! Thanks guys! I haven't started selling them...yet. I guess I'm testing to see if they're "marketable". Mostly just been giving away or using myself! LOL
    And, glad you mentioned the lunch bags... I am gearing up to do those in the near future! LOL. I'm working on two different styles.
    I only have a couple of things in my artfire store (link on the left margin!) and none of those are totes yet. Gues I need to get busy, eh? LOL

    Thanks for the affirmations!

  6. Haha.. you don't need no stinking stabilizer... I love it! Great sewing skills!! Love the look of the oilcloth tote :)

    Thanks for visiting, and by all means, definitely try to make hand whipped cream :). Buy pasteurized cream instead of ultra-pasteurized if you can, but the one I used was U-P. (P holds up a little longer, but then again, it's not going to last for long when you taste it!!!)


  7. I love the tote bag on the hanger! LOVE IT!

  8. They are both cute, but I feel your pain about the material. I've never worked with oilcloth, but have wrestled with fabrics before, and have been tempted to utter things I just plain shouldn't about them. Usually in my case it's a matter of doing a home dec project - with y a r d s of fabric to manipulate.
    Well, enjoy them. You deserve to!
    Mary Lou

  9. I'm not sure if it'd work or not, as I don't have any oil cloth to try it out, but have you thought of using a teflon foot on your machine when sewing oil day I'll order some from USA and then will let you know if the teflon foot Unless you've already tried it out. Hugs naomi


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