Friday, October 9, 2009

We have a winner!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

(After seeing this on a couple of blogs who titled their winners like this, I found out I'm not the only person who says this! I wonder if they heard it on ESPN also. oh well...)

I've been dreading this moment all day. Not because I don't want to part with the quilt, but because I realized that there were going to be over 50 people who I will disappoint! There can only be one winner. As much as I love to give gifts, I hate to think I am also going to have to say "no gift for you" ! So, I had my husband pick!!!! LOL. I printed everyone's name off, put them in a box and (woke him up) and had him pick! Of course he wanted to know what he was picking a piece of paper out of a box for. I explained that I just couldn't say "no" and since he wasn't a blogger... you see my rationale, don't you? Anyway, I'm sure you're saying. "Would you just get on with it" so the winner is.... drum roll~~~~

What you say? You can't read the name? LOL well, try this one...

Congrats Roeshel. I will be mailing out your quilt next week.
And to everyone who did participate, I love you all! I will be doing more give-aways so please, don't be a stranger here! Remember I promised a totebag/purse giveaway for all the crafty ladies who like doing their own. That's all of the secret I'm sharing for now. And there are others waiting in the wings... 'nuff said. Good night my sweet friends.


  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I passed an award onto you. Check it out here!

  2. Congratulations Roeshel!! Don't you just love winning give aways?

  3. WOW...that was/is a beutiful quilt that you gave away!!! That is one lucky lady who won.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Deb :)

  4. Congratulations to Roeshel, what a lovely name. See Jeanette, we're all graceful losers :-)

  5. One lucky gal....Congrats..!!!

  6. Woo hooooo! Sorry I've taken so long to respond. COLD weather slows me down. lol No, it's been a crazy couple of days. I am SO excited to win this beautiful quilt! Thank you SO much!!!



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