Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply Christmas

I have my ticket! Simply Christmas is hosted by the Women's Ministry at my church First Baptist Church, Brandon, FL)every November. The tickets are $12.00 (you can get them from the church office by calling 813-689-1204). The guest speaker is Sharon Jaynes (access her website by clicking on her name), author of such titles as I'm Not Good Enough, and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves; Turning Ordinary Days into Extraordinary Moments with God. You can read exerpts from those books on her site. Such a beautiful woman of God. We are looking forward to such a blessing!

I just found out the food that will be served. And can I hear a "YUM-O"? AwwwwwwYeah! Also a little "inside information" I found out: the tables are all decorated by someone attending. (in order words... real people like you and me!) They are decorating with things from their own decor. It should be quite interesting to see, and as always so beautiful! I've never been to a women's Christmas event yet that wasn't just absolutely stunningly beautiful! If you're local , I know you would love this event. And hey! If you do come, leave me a comment so I can look for you there! I'd love to meet my blog-friends!!!


  1. Sounds neat! Wish something like that was near me!

  2. That sounds like fun!! To bad Florida is a 3 day drive for me. LOL

  3. You will not find a more fun thing to do and blessing also then being at Simply Christmas...ideas, treats, fabulous food and inspiring speaker to help you understand the importance of preparing your home for Christmas so that your family will be blessed and you will be less stressed. Good combination!!!! Thanks Jeanette for giving us a great advertisement. I love you!!!!!

  4. Jeanette: This sounds like alot of fun! We have done that at our church and we decorated the tables! So fun to see what everyone does!

    thank you for visiting my blog!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. I can't imagine where on earth you would get such access to "insider" information, LOL. I need to remember to get my ticket, I wanna bring my mom. :)

  6. That does sound like fun! I hope you have a great time.


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