Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you seen one of these do-hickies?

I seem to be making lots of meals and treats for people lately. These happened to be a batch of chocolate chip cookies for a friend. But the point is, see that do-hickey in back of the pan of cookies? That has to be my most favorite kitchen posession! Well, besides my crockpot and Kitchen Aid mixer...and tornado blender! I'm not getting a kick-back or anything for this, I'm just sharing between friends. I had seen (and coveted) a dispenser like this for plastic wrap at a deli I used to visit "back in the day" of gainful employment (LOL) and lo and behold if QVC didn't have it on air one day. It was a "two-fer" deal. I got the foil AND plastic dispenser. Ya know how that plastic just sticks and never peels off and cuts straight? Well with this do-hickey it doesn't! I'm just waiting for them to make the one for LONG rolls of foil! My box of long foil just fell apart - quite difficult to tear it off when it does that!

And would you look at this.....

It's OCTOBER 30th for Pete's sake!!! I want some of that "chill" everybody else is talking about. That was taken from my car thermometer. It's just wrong on so many levels! LOL
I have the air condition on and my other blog friends are snuggling up to a cozy blanket. Waaaah! What a big baby, eh? LOL.
I did make two more tote bags today. These are out of some beautifully rich looking tapestry upholstry fabric I had in my stash that I finally did something with. I'll post pics later. I call these bags "schlepping bags", because they big enough for throwing everything in. LOL

'til then, be good to each other


  1. I thought about purchasing the foil dispenser. Thanks for sharing. I will have to purchase these.

  2. HAPPY SATURDAY SITSFEST! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do YOU like to bake too? I personally LOVE to bake!!!
    I'm following ya cause it looks like you update often! Don't let me down my friend!

  3. I agree, hot weather be gone!

  4. Lol! I agree on the hot weather thing. We are in AZ and it finally got chilly this week... Last year it was 100 degrees at 6:30 at night

  5. Hi! Your blog is so cute! Love the foil thinge!

  6. Good Morning, stopping by from SITS!

    Love the foil dispenser! I know what you mean about it never tearing properly and that would be great to have especially if you are such a sweetie taking food treats to others!

    It's been cool in Missouri. I don't like cold weather at all, I should move :)

  7. Oh, I'd love a dispenser! Unfortunately my husband, trying to be helpful, bought a food-service-size box of foil that will probably last through my great-great grandchild and won't fit in a small dispenser...and I can't tell you how frustrating keeping that big box around is. Oh, well...I love my husband for trying!

  8. Hey there! I so feel your pain. I am in FL too and I am sick of the heat. Today was actually a bit better!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for coming by to share in my SITS day last week, really appreciate it!!!!

  9. What a cool contraption! I'd love to get one!

    That is crazy hot for November!

    Thanks for visiting me today! :D

  10. This is so neat... but... where do you put it when your not using it? That is always my problem with cool doo-hickys.

    I've been in FL for 9 years now. I just told my husband yesterday... yes just yesterday... I want to move. I really miss the change of seasons. Maybe north GA... it wouldn't be SO cold, but enough to have a change of seasons!!!

    Happy Baking.... Wanna do a Cookie Exchange around the holidays this year with some of our friends?

  11. LOL Effie - I keep it on my counter. With my house being old, the drawers in the kitchen just aren't big enough so I re-arranged some "counter clutter" (LOL) and put it next to the KitchenAid mixer I referred to! LOL Not sure it'll stay there, but it's there for now.
    Desiree hosted a cookie exchange last year. It was fun (I made the Butterfinger cookies---yum!) You hosting????

  12. Michelle
    That's so sweet of your hubby to do that. We love our spouses when they "try". LOL. I have a super-industrial size of plastic wrap too. (Bought it after viewing a cake baking lesson on youtube and she suggested it for some reason - LOL) I haven't even opened it yet! I keep waiting for them to come out with the kind of dispenser for those long rolls of foil - which they said they were working on.

  13. stoppin in to say hi! I am right here with ya on the great weather!!! Finally!!!:)


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