Saturday, October 3, 2009

I received an award!

I've just received the Blog of Gold award from Audrey at Audrey's Country Crafts. What a nice thing to do! She has shops on Etsy and Artfire. She has also posted some of her most recent projects, they are so cute...That painted snowman shovel is so precious!!! Visit her site and take a gander.

While you're at it, she's hosting a Christmas Ornament swap. (which I'm going to participate in!!!) You can read about the details at her site. It should be really fun. I love getting things in the mail and I especially love Christmas ornaments!

Ok, now I'm supposed to award 10 deserving blog friends...

1. Love Lives in the Kitchen

2. Audra at I'm Just a Girl

3. My Mama Made It

4. Poof Happy Home

5. Sassy Aprons

6. Cheap Chic Home

7. Aprons by Julie

8. Effie at My Monumental Musings

9. You Can Make It

10. How to Eat A Cupcake


  1. Congrats on your award....Aren't fellow bloggers the best? Since you've been so sweet and left me heart-warming comments, I wanted to be sure you're included in my drawing for an apron. I'm almost at 100 blog entries and thought it was worth celebrating. Head on over -- you never know.

  2. Good Morning SWEET Jeanette,
    Thank you So much for the SWEEET blog award and for your sweet comments about my blog. I LOVE your blog too. So colorful and I can't believe how the graphic in your banner looks "just like YOU"..!!!! Adorable..:)
    Poof, It's Perfect,

  3. Congratulations on your award--you sure have been working hard at blogging! I'm trying to catch up! Thank you Jeanette, for listing me as an award recipient!

  4. oh, thank you so much for this lovely award! i'm so happy to be among winners! congratulations also for yours! this new blog is just lovely! you definitely deserve this award!
    have a great day! justyna


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