Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dryer Sheets - n - scortched pots

I don't know if you are aware how versatile dryer sheets really are. Did you know that they can clean soap scum off shower doors better than those spray (gag, cough, sneeze) bathroom cleaners? AND, did you know that if you burn food on the inside of the crock, and the metal housing of your crock pot (you know the part you're not supposed to get into water? That one!)
If you've put a turkey breast in on high before going to bed and then don't turn the setting to low when you get up, oh not for several hours after you get up?!? (don't ask!) It was a charred mess, alright! But that's a drama for another day, right? The point is, you can put a dryer sheet in, pour water over that (to cover the charred remains) over night, and the next day will clean up so nicely! I used a dryer sheet in the crock itself and then put one in the metal housing with just enough water to cover the gook. What a crockpot (or pan, or whatever) saver!!! If you didn't know that, just file that away for some future use. You'll thank me then! LOL.

This is after soaking overnight (should've taken a pic of it before I started this process!)


  1. thanks for a great advice!
    have a lovely day!

  2. Hey there. To answer your question when you came by last week, I live near Orlando. So hello!!!!!

    I did find the cream of shrimp in one Publix but not in a smaller Publix that just opened. So you just have to look around :) And yes, i did read an email once about all the useful things for a dryer sheet. Amazing!

  3. The domestic diva strikes again! I use dryer sheets in the bottom of my laundry hampers and even put one under the seat of my car (cheap air freshener!). I also put them in suitcases that are closed up and stored away..keeps them from being so musty when you go to use them again. Love the idea of using them on charred pots and pans!

  4. sounds like a good tip to me:) thanks for stopping by the other day!
    Happy Friday!

    *fellow SITSta here

  5. Thanks for stopping by my site! Definitely some good advise here! I think Im going to have to go clean the shower to find out! My husband will ♥ that

  6. AND ---- they don't have to be the expensive dryer sheets either! LOL. I used some cheapy ones that I didn't like the smell in my shower and crock pot. Worked just as well (even better because I didn't have to waste the dryer sheets that I wasn't going to use because of the scent! LOL)

  7. This could truly be the best tip EVER. I cannot wait to try this!!

  8. For real?? I'm going to try it on my crock pot today!

    You know the fine 'gift wrap' you wrapped the giveaway prize in? I've got plans rolling around in my head about it. I'll tell you about it when I've got more time

  9. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    What an awesome tip! My shower doors are in need of some SERIOUS attention! Thanks!

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  11. I love this tip! Can it be a used dryer sheet or does it have to be new? I would love it if you participated in my Penny Pinching Party on Wednesdays. It looks like you already have quite a few posts that you could use.


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