Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where'd you go?

I don't know where they went.... but I just logged in and blogspot is telling me that everybody I was "following", I am no longer. Which way did they go? Which way did they go???
Sorry if I was following you and now I'm not. I guess I'll have to start from scratch or wait to see if it was a glitch and you'll come back to me. hmmmm...


  1. Hi! Popping over from SITS Roll Call to visit.

    I see 25 followers there on your gadget, so hopefully they are back?! I've had that happen before when Google goes to goofin' around with things here at Blogger and I just wish that they would quit with their fiddlin' around!

    Boy that carrot cake down there sounds amazing. Gotta love that Southern Living!

    Well, hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. Thanks Mary for visiting! The people "I" was following were the ones affected. (So very glad it didn't mess with the ones FOLLOW ME! Phew! That would have really got me frantic! LOL

  3. LOL ... I have 1 follower ... YOU!

    How do you get more?


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