Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like my new look?

Hey! I'm really excited to show you my "new look" !!!! I looked all over the net in search for a cool design, and they were way out of my league for this little blog and somehow I stumbled upon Mary's site. I contacted her and she agreed to take me on. Lemme tell ya, what a patient designer she is! I loved every minute of working with her (ha! Yeah, I didn't do any of the work!) If you're thinking about having a professional do your blog look, you gotta check her out! She nailed it for me, don't ya think? For my friends who know me, they know this is totally me!!! You can either click on her link up here, or there's a button in the margin. She tailor makes your blog to your every specification...even helps you along when you don't have a clue...ah-hmm. Moi! LOL. I love her!!!


  1. Hi Jeanette. Very cool! I took a look at blog rock. I love the cartoon image.

  2. thanks for all the love, I am so happy you are happy, I'm so in love with the hot pink damask..

  3. Love the new look! I am definitely going to pay mary a visit...looks great!


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