Saturday, September 19, 2009

I saved $82.00 on my grocery bill!

WooHoo! I saved $82.00 yesterday on my grocery bill. Gotta love those BOGO's and BOGT's!
But, I like the buy-one-get-two better! LOL

Now before you go and crown me "coupon queen", I have to fess up. The way I saved the money this time and the last few times I went to "this store" I didn't use a single coupon. (oh, the last time... I saved $129.00 !) When I posted my savings to my friends on facebook, everybody wanted to know my secret. It's no secret, really. I just "shop the sales". Albertsons is notorious for buy one get one, and---the best... buy one get two's!!! I shop my meats there. I got the petite sirloin stakes (which, if you ask me weren't petite!) buy one get two packs free. I got the pre frozen packages of Tilapia, same deal - buy one get two free. (I just love blackened Tilapia on my George Forman grill!) Now, don't get me wrong, Publix is my "regular" grocery store, and I guess I'll always be loyal to them... my mother shops there, my grandmother shopped there, all my aunts, cousins... we come from a long line of loyal customers. But that doesn't mean I don't check out the others.

I do use some coupons, but not many. At one point I was the coupon queen of my friends, but I find I bought way more than I should, or needed when I had coupons! LOL Most of the time, the coupons aren't for items I already use...or need... so where's the savings? The ones I use, are for things I DO use, or for a "try me", that I've been thinking about trying. If you're a "coupon queen", great. That works for you. But for me, I tend to go off the deep end in that area! LOL

The old Publix building in Plant City

Now for a helpful hint: When I buy those sirloin steaks in the multiple packages (we like to grill) I pour marinade (Allegro is our favorite!) in a ziplock bag with the steaks and freeze them. When you take them out to thaw, they're marinating! Viola! Two steps taken care of!

(I'm off to put mine in the freezer now)


  1. I enjoy using those $1.00 coupons on those store deals: buy 1 get 1 free.

    Or better yet..... TRIPLE coupon days with a .75 coupon used for a buy 1 get 1 free item.

    Good tip for marinating!

  2. Glenna - I wish there were "triple off" coupons in my area! (sigh) I get to jealous seeing other people post about those deals! LOL


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