Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering 9/11 in my own way

Today I’m preparing the kitchen for my baking extravanza. Gotta clean it so I can mess it up! Ever since the first year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy I’ve made cookies to take to the local fire station. I began this more as a therapy for me. I never wanted, nor do I want, to forget. I wasn’t sure what I could do but wanted to do something…anything. Then I thought, give what you love to do. Ok, I like to bake and I’m mad about cookies (among other things i.e., cupcakes, LOL)

Since the local fire station are our first responders, or “local heroes” as I call them, I decided to take the cookies to them. I wasn’t sure if they’d accept them, so I called a number out of the phone book. I picked one that I imagined was a “main” headquarters. That’s funny now, because I think that they are their own stand-alone headquarters and when I called this “big” fire house, and was told yes they accept all food (LOL), and then was asked what station I was thinking about. When I told the person, I could hear a disappointed, “oh. I’m sure they’ll appreciate them too”. I don’t even remember what station I called now. But I deduced that the station I was planning on taking the cookies to would be the ones who responded to my house in case of fire, etc. I don’t know why, that just seemed to be logical to me. (smile)

It was so cute – when I arrived with my plate piled high of about 3 different kinds of cookies, the captain came to the door, let me in, and I saw all these grown men coming out of the woodwork, like little boys eyeing up the treats. I tried not to laugh, but I’ll never forget the “thank you’s” and the appreciation in their voices. It made my day. When I told my husband about it, he said “I want you to do this every year”. So began my annual cookie event. I will admit, there have been a couple of years when I’ve made a cake or pie, and one year I bought a bunch of different candy bars and made wrappers for them expressing out gratitude. Just my little way of remembering and at the same time thanking them for being our “local heroes”. I’ve never introduced myself, or told them anything about me. Not that I can be anonymous because I’m showing up in person, (LOL), but if I could, I would because it’s not about me, it’s about them. I do, however, print out a card that I’ve made on the computer, with our names and addresses just so they know we’re legit and not trying to poison them or anything! (I know, I know, I think of the weirdest things!). to express our gratitude for their service. I would love to be able to pass out cookies to all the local “first responders” and who knows, maybe one day I will. I thought about mentioning it to my Sunday School Class this past week, but that’s not giving anybody enough time, but next year I think I will. I’d love to see this enlarge and more of the folks who put their lives on the line for us to know that we care and we appreciate them and what they do. I consider this a labor of love and who knows, others might too. What are your thoughts? Can you come up with other ways to show you care? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Last night the hubbie and I were watching a special on 9/11 on the history channel. It's weird how the emotions of the whole situation hit you all over again!

    That is such a sweet idea to bring goodies to the firemen! They work so hard and such long hours and most times go underappreciated.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That is so sweet, that you do this every year! I get emotional when I think of 9/11 and all the emotion that hit me that day! I'm originally from NY but, reside in NC. I have several close relatives that work in the city and I couldn't get in touch with anyone that day. All circuits were busy. I was a wreck until I finally got through to make sure everyone was okay! I feel for all the families that lost a loved one or friend in that tradgedy. It hurts my heart to think about it!

  3. What an incredible way to pay it forward and say thank you. I think it's great!

  4. What a great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. All my family (extended) is from Tampa. That is where I am from.

  5. WOW .... such a good idea! I believe I will join in next year!

  6. what a great idea. I'm going to remember this one.

  7. I think this is a fabulous idea!!!! Bravo to you for thinking of it and continuing your own tradition every year!

    I'm so glad you *found* me on SITS! I hope you will come back to visit often.

  8. Such a great idea!
    I linked to your post in my blog today

  9. Hi! Popping over from SITS to visit.

    What a great thing you are doing - and carrying it on with such joy too year to year. You have those guys so spoiled and I bet they look forward to this every year now.

    Ugh, I am such a slug!! I need to get off my duff and do something like this.

    So thoughtful!! Have a great weekend.

  10. What a terrific idea! Everybody needs encouragement!Especially our heroes!

  11. I do the same thing :), it's really nice to see that you do the same. I'm only 19, so usually i'm in class that day so i don't have time to bake them, but i've been bringing cookies to fire stations ever since i was little, and now 9-11 is the day that I do it.

    I know you understand how much they appreciate it, i think its such a good idea. I'm doing a persuasive speech right now on doing this every year and this is how i found your site.

    keep it up :)


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