Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you SWAG?


Swag Bucks that is.


What is a SwagBuck?

SwagBucks are electronic bucks that you earn for searching the web – something that we do every day, right? You can then redeem SwagBucks for items such as gift cards, Starbucks gift cards and more.

How Can You Earn SwagBucks?

You can earn SwagBucks just by signing up! Go HERE to register!

Download the SwagBucks toolbar
When you use the SwagBucks toolbar for searching the Internet, every search is a chance to earn SwagBucks.  There are shortcuts for ways to earn SwagBucks built right into the toolbar, too.  Just click the “Earn” button to explore!

SwagBucks Blog
You can find free codes daily on the SwagBucks blog.

Follow SwagBucks on Twitter and Facebook
You can find more SwagCodes through these sites.

Search for pages you visit daily.

Shop online, complete special offers, play games or even watch videos
You can find all of these options and more under the “Earn” category at the top of the SwagBucks page.

And here’s something even more exciting!


Friday is MEGA SwagBucks day.
You have a greater chance of earning a high value SwagBuck every Friday. 

My first “cash-in” of my swagbucks was for a $25.00 gift card.  I’m working on my second.  I think it cost me something like 1300 swagbucks (so swag bucks aren’t actual face-value bucks), but I got to that sum by doing nothing more than using the Swagbucks search bar.  

When you download the search bar, it’s easy.  PLUS, at the beginning of each new day, you automatically get one buck, just for logging on! 

If you’d like to try it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d use this link HERE.   I’ll get some bucks (Yaaay!).  And when you refer someone, you’ll get ‘em too. (they’ll thank you!) and for each buck they get, you’ll get a little too (I think it’s up to 1,000 bucks total)

So, it doesn’t cost you anything.  (Ok, maybe a tiny little space on  your toolbar, for the swagbucks tool bar – LOL)  and you’re searching on the internet anyway. 


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Why not earn rewards for doing something that has become a way of life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too bad they don't accept international requests to join!


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