Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Peel a Boiled Egg

Do you have a fool-proof way to peel a boiled egg?
I like to keep some boiled eggs in the ‘frige to put in salads and when I’m starving (as a healthier choice than chips or cookies).  But with the last batch, I had enough! I wanted to find out if it was really possible to have perfectly peeled eggs.  It has been so “hit or miss”  so I went to the experts… my friends on facebook, and twitter. I got a lot of answers, some confirmed things I had thought, and others were, well, just outright hilarious. 
I thought I’d share my findings with you.  If you have good luck with ‘em, please leave a comment and share!
Here’s the input I received from some of my facebook friends:
Brooke from Applesauce is the New Black said to “immerse in ice cube water and then "crackle" the shell. Peel away!”
Sean, (Brooke’s husband) said: Just remove the shell before boiling. Works great every time.”   uh, yeah.  Ok, Sean.   LOL
Eve W. said “ Buy your eggs ahead of time like 2 weeks! Older eggs always peel easier then fresh eggs!
Susan C said “Yes to older eggs - also rinse in cold water before crackling _ I bounce mine in pan to get multiple little cracks - then soak about 5 mins in cold water and peel under water in the pan
I knew I was right about that “old egg” theory!!!  Just needed confirmation.
And from my Twitter friends:
Tara said  if you’re really lazy you can buy them already boiled in a bag at store. “
Kathleen said “Not much to tell just wait for it to cool and then peel off the shell I usually tap it a couple of times w/fork”
Tara  from Perfectly Flawed “I have heard if you put them in the fridge to cool they are easier to peel.”
Chrissy from My Hoot Designs said  “I run cold water over the egg while peeling, after first rolling it against the side of the sink to crack and break the shell up”
Laura from Home Making Joyfully actually blogged about this in the past and sent me a link. (click on the name of her blog to go to it).  In that post, she confirmed my suspicions about older eggs too!  Smile
And last, but not because she’s the least (because her answer was so funny and cute)  Tonya from More Info than You Wanted said:  “I get 'em about 75% of the time, I figure when I hit 100% I will be prepared to meet my maker.”
So, there you have it.  There are some really great tips here, but you know what I’ve come to the realization of ???    You’re not going to  get it perfect 100% of the time.  And when that happens,  make egg salad!   LOL


  1. I was hoping someone would have mentioned that gadget they show on TV where it peels your egg for you. You know the one I'm talking about?? It looks cool, but 1)I'm not sure if it really works, and 2) I don't make enough hard boiled eggs to make a purchase worthwhile.

    But I'm terribly curious, lol!

  2. I am sure that the "older egg" theory must be true because we have fresh eggs and no matter what I do, they never peel right for me. I am going to try waiting until they are cold to see if that will help.
    Love everyone's comments :)

  3. Love it! Thanks for the tip, I avoid making egg salad because the peeling is such a pain! Visiting and now following via Alexa Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

  4. LOL - too fun and true. I sometimes have trouble with whole batches and wonder if your old egg theory could be true here... maybe they were too fresh. :)

    Stopping By from the Alexa Hop - I'm your newest GFC and Facebook follower

    ~ Wendi

  5. haha - ok, it is also hit or miss with me too. I didn't know older eggs do better - that is probably why I have good egg peeling moments. I'm following you from the Alexa blog hop. Hope you have a great night.


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