Friday, July 22, 2011

Who are we trying to leave a legacy to?

"The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field;
The wind blows over it and it is gone, and it's place remembers it no more"
- Psalms 103:15-16

Tonight hubby is at the Rays' baseball game (they're playing the Yankees), so on the rare occasion I actually got possession of the remote control. I chose the Hallmark channel and sat down to a nice marathon of Little House On the Prairie. I know, I know. I lead such a jet-set lifestyle.

I don't know if it's with each passing year we live, or when we hear of someone's early demise, but we tend to think of our own mortality. What kind of mark are we leaving on this earth. (Kind of like the ponderings I made in the post called My Life.) We all want to be remembered.

In this episode, Charles Ingalls' good friend dies suddenly of a heart attack. After his death the man's children sell his homestead. Charles comes up and sees the man's name on a sign thrown to the side as the new owners move in and claim it as their own. This is probably the turning point where Charles starts thinking about what kind of a legacy he's leaving behind. Not wanting to live his whole life and never be remembered after he's gone.

Ok, to give you the "Reader's Digest" version I'll condense it.

Charles is making tables that are a hit in the "big city". He see's this as his opportunity to leave his mark. People will remember him through his furniture. So he leaves his family behind on the farm and works day and night in the city. After someone steals his idea and mass produces his furniture (there goes his dream of leaving his mark in the world...of being remembered).

He has to re-evaluate what a legacy really is. He had been working so hard to make sure he was remembered by strangers instead of the people who really mattered...his family.

The only investment that remains is in the lives of the ones we love. Do we spend as much time investing in the lives of those precious ones as we do achieving our "goals" and "ambitions" ?


  1. I use to love watching Little House on the Prairie. I can't wait until my daughter gets into reading all the books.

    This is so true how we forget who really matters. We need to remember to leave that lasting impression on our children. It is truly sad how ahead we try to get in the world and have no energy when we get home.

    Really loved this, thanks!


  2. Immediate family is definitely more important than anyone else. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nice post! It's important to know who really matters in your life and that we need to invest in our families lives! I do like that show! :)
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